Skip Human Verification Method

Are you bored filling out surveys?
Remove Human Verification On PC Desktop, iOS or Android! Now you can download any locked file or visit any locked page without doing any survey. With our new method you can Bypass Surveys or remove any content locker from any website!

Bypass Human Verification on Websites

We present the Survey Remover Method, an amazing method created to bypass every survey for almost every network and you can get acess it completly free! Survey Remover Method allows you to easily remove surveys from websites, allowing you access to a “premium” content.

Yes, you can use our method for any of survey sites like: sharecash, fileice, dollaercash, cpalead... This is fastest way to download any file or visit any locked page. No more download on suspicious survey remover softwares, our method its posted on pdf file! Download our method and use it to bypass boring surveys! Our method its free for now.

Method 1

Disable Javascript on Web-Browsers
Disabling Javascript on Web-Browsers will make surveys never appear:

In Google Chrome:
1) Click on Settings On the top right of Google Chrome.

Chrome settings to bypass survey

2) Privacy and security
3) Content: JavaScript

disable javascript to remove survey script

4) Not allowed to use JavaScript

Don't allow sites to use javascript
5) - Click: Add and enter website address

Method 2

1) When you are prompted to take a survey, Right Click the title and Click Inspect Element

2) Now keep pressing Delete button to delete scripts on Inspect Element tab, until Complete a Survey disappear

Remove content locker code

3) After the bar disappear, keep deleting until the Page go lighter (whiten) with no dark area.

4) Done! Now you’ll see your full content or download file.